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280+ Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks


280+ Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks

Schlage Locknetics provides the industry’s most complete selection of electromagnetic locks. The 280+ Series Shear Lock features a patented design which is smaller, stronger and easier to install than earlier generations of Shear Locks, even in retrofit applications. The 280+ Series mortise design electromagnetic Shear Lock has an innovative “Power Plus” control module toovercome gaps of up to 1/4”. This mortise Shear Lock offers the advantage of atotally concealed locking mechanism, which provides superior security and appearance. With holding forces tested to 2700 lbs., the Schlage Locknetics 280+ Series provides extra high security and easy engagement of magnet and armature. The armature literally “jumps” to the magnet resulting in a noticably increased noise level. magnet, with locking grooves in the armature. While thestrength of this design is a major advantage, the flexibility in tolerance is even more important. This designallows for normal door and frame movement, assuming a good quality door and frame are used.The compact size of the magnet fits into header construction with minimum preparation. It easily fits aluminum store front tube extrusions. The 280+ Shear Lock is ideal for hollow metal doors and frames. The 280+ TRD model is available when armature adjustment is required from the edge of the door due to flush ceiling conditions. The 280+ Series Shear Lock is UL 10C, CUL, and CSFM Listed and engineered to meet the ANSI/BHMA standard For electromagnetic locks.

Benefits of Using 280+ Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks

• Innovative “Power Plus” control module provides force

to overcome gaps of up to 1/4″ between magnet and armature

• 2700 lbs. of holding force

• Requires filtered, regulated power supply

• External Automatic Relock Switch (ARS)

• Adjustable time delay on relock, 0-30 seconds

• Low temperature operation

• Microprocessor controlled

• Optional Magnetic Bond Sensor (MBS)

• Automatic voltage selection 12VDC/24VDC (Filtered)

• Universal hardware for installation into flush or recessed (1/8″ to 2




” depth) door edge

• Door position switch to prevent premature relock