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390G+ Series Electromagnetic Gate Lock


390G+ Series Electromagnetic Gate Lock

The 390G+ Gate Lock is a weather resistant

electromagnetic lock with 1500 lbs. of holding force.

It is designed for use on all types of sliding and

swinging gates. As a high security magnetic lock it

can accommodate misalignment problems while

supplying superior holding force.

A 1/2˝ compression connector is provided for

installation of 1/2˝ EMT conduit, insuring protection

of hook-up wiring from weather and vandalism. Heavy

duty plating resists corrosion of mating surfaces

A modified Top Jamb mounting bracket allows a single

Model 390G+ to be mounted in a variety of positions.

The 390G+ Gate Lock may be mounted to any gate

frame or post. Special brackets may be required to

adapt the lock to a particular frame or post. It is

important that the lock is mounted so that the armature

pulls straight back from the magnet face.

The 390G+ can be field configured for either 12 or 24

VDC operation. An optional lock status switch (MBS)

and gate status switch (DSM) is available.


Benefits of Using 390G+ Series Gate Lock

• 1500 lbs. of direct holding force

• Field Selectable 12 or 24VDC operation

• Electroless nickel plated finish

• Universal mounting bracket

• 1/2˝ EMT compression fitting

• Two foot wire leads

• Built-in voltage spike suppressor

• Weather resistant for exterior use

• Accommodates gate misalignment

• No moving parts – low maintenance

• Includes universal mounting brackets