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Aiphone GT Series: Multi-Tenant Color Video Entry Security System

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Aiphone GT Series: Multi-Tenant Color Video Entry Security System


The GH System offers several benefits over other traditional telephone-style entry systems. It’s a direct connect system that does not require an outside phone line at the tenant location and will never incur additional phone company charges. This series improves security by requiring individuals to be at the tenant station to answer calls and grant access. In addition, the GH system offers security guard stations, open voice communication, and tenant monitoring of the entry




  • Alpha-numeric room numbering
  • Link data allows for easy programming of multiple entrances/guard stations
  • Up to 16 entrance panels,4 guard stations and 500 tenant stations
  • Simple wiring with only 2 common wires for audio
  • Access control from inside station to calling entrance (door release)
  • Optional individual doorbell to ring tenant stations
  • Door release timer (momentary~20 seconds)
  • Security guard station can be included to provide communication between officce/lobby and tenants
  • Optional panic call switch for emergency calling to guard/concierge
  • Optional postal lock module,allowing easy entry for postal and delivery workers
  • Security guard can screen calls from visitors (Reception Mode)
  • Both audio/video and audio-only entrance panels can be combined in the same system
  • LED’s at door allow use in low light conditions
  • Only 2 additional wires are required to add video
  • Tenant can view entrance panel by pressing “key” button


Power Supply 24V DC – Use PS-2410LC or PS-2410LD (for GH-BC, GH-VBC, GH-NS, GH-MK and GH-BCX)
Current Consumption GT-BC: 0.9 A GT-VBC: 0.9 A GH-NS: 0.13 A GT-MK: 0.18 A GT-BCX: 0.35 A
Call Tone There are three different types of call tones: from entrance station, security guard station, and doorbell
Talk & Video Path Secure single channel
Communication Hands-free, voice-actuated communication or push-to-talk communication
Door Release Connecting terminals: between ELM – ELC (N/O) and ELB – ELC (N/C) Specifications: less than 4A (resistance load), 24V AC/DC, dry closure contact
Wiring Two conductor cables (Aiphone #872002 for audio and Aiphone #871802 for video)
Type of Cables Pair cable (solid wire – not stranded), polyethylene insulated, low cap, diameter 20AWG-18AWG