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BFSV 850-0 Standard bus system handsfree station

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iDor Standard Handsfree Station (BFSV 850-0)

The neutral basis: The call stations in white are unobtrusive and blend subtly into any furnishing style – even after renovation and a change of wallpaper. New occupants will not be disturbed by the colour choice of their predecessors. The impression of graceful subtlety is underpinned by the slender proportions and clear-cut, timeless design. The housing and receiver are made of pleasant-to-the touch, impact-resistant antistatic plastic. The semi-transparent (translucent) operating buttons simplify handling by providing a slip-proof surface. The material is UV-resistant, and so protected against ageing and discoloration.

BFSV 850-0 Standard bus system handsfree station with 2.5” color monitor for door communication with door loudspeakers BTLM 650-…, SBTLM 650-…, CL A xxB, or BTLE 050-… and door release and lightbutton. With basic functions calling, speech, door release and storey call. Made of high-grade antistatic plastic. Performance features: Speech/button control. Door opener and light button. Internal speech communication. Muting button for call tone. 10 call tone melodies  Call and speech volume adjustable in 5 steps. Potential-free contact for additional signal device. Monitor control for current picture. Brightness and color regulation.  May be table-top mounted using the relevant accessories.


Direct door dialing (video and sound).  Standard color – White Metal front and rear paneling in Aluminum, stainless steel,  High-gloss or silk paintwork on stainless steel front and rear  Wood vaneers – Wenge and Bamboo  iDor Standard Handsfree Station (BFSV 850-0)


Video signal: Trough 2-wire BUS

Video supply 20 – 30 V DC

Ring Tone max. 83dB (A)

Current consumption Max. 300 mA

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 10.3″ x