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Detex-230D Battery Operated Exit Control Lock


Battery Operated Exit Control Lock

ECL-230D, ECL-230D-PH
Exit Control Hardware
• Attack resistant design
withstands over 2200 lbs.
of outside pull force
• Proven durability and reliability
at a reasonable price
• Reduces employee and
customer theft
• Single point, 1″ throw dead bolt
• Saw resistant dead bolt
• Corrosion resistant allow lock
• 100 decibel alarm, powered by
9-volt battery (included)
Features –
Benefits –
The ECL-230 is a code compliant, battery alarmed, rugged dead bolt, panic device with steel plate
and photo-luminescent sign providing managed security and a 100 decibel alarm for secondary
• Easy to install
• Time tested construction resists
attack from the inside
• Easy to see if the lights go out
• Straightforward operation that
everyone understands
• Accepts 5-pin through 7-pin
standard and interchangeable
core rim cylinders
• Durable steel plate with photo
luminescent sign absorbs light
to then “glow in the dark” when
lights are dimmed
• Non-handed
• Locking and unlocking the
dead bolt always arms and
disarms the alarm
• Resetting the alarm can only be
accomplished with a control key
• Gray Finish (Std.)
• Black Finish (BK)
• English Push Plate Sign (Std.)
Mechanical Options –
• Other Languages available
(call factory for details)
• For Panic Hardware on 36″ doors
see ECL-230D-PH
• Fire Rated Option see ECL-600
• ECL-437K – Surface Strike (Std.)
ECL-230D – Short Bar
Also Available in Gray
(Cylinder and bar guard
sold separately)
ECL-230D-PH – Long Bar
Also Available in Gray
(Cylinder and bar guard
sold separately)
• ECL-436K for ECL-230D,
ECL-2100K for ECL-230D-PH –
Bar Guard Kit – to protect end of
bar, when required by code
• RC65 – Rim Cylinder, Schlage
“C” Keyway with 2 keys
Detex Limited Warranty –
Accessories –
Riser Diagram –
Listings and Approvals –
• ECL-1595 – Cylinder Collar
required for 6 or 7 pin cylinders
• VRA-143 – Vertical Rod Assembly
provides 2 point locking
• BE-961 – Hard wired Conversion
Kit, eliminates battery
• ECL-435K – Adjustable Surface
Keeper Bracket for some double
door applications
• ECL-475 – Decorative back plate
for use on narrow stile doors
• Door Types – Wood, Hollow Metal
or Aluminum
• Door Thickness – Fits standard
1-3/4″ – 2-1/4″
• Minimum standard door width for
ECL-230D is 20″
• Minimum standard door width for
ECL-230D-PH is 34″
Technical Information –
• Double Door requirements:
(1) ECL-230
(1) RC65
(1) ECL-435K
(1) DDH-2250
(2) ECL-230D
(2) RC65
(1) 90KR
• Door Stile – Fits minimum 5-3/4″
with ECL-437K Strike (Std.)
• Door Stile – Fits maximum 1-7/8″
with ECL-475 Kit
• Machine and Sheet Metal Screws
• Optional Sex Nuts or Security
Torx Screws Available
Double Doors
with Key Removable Mullion
Vertical Rod Assemblies also
available (Part #VRA-143)
} or (1) VRA-143
Dimensions –
Single Door
Double Doors
with DDH-2250
Double Door Holder
Adjustable Keeper (ECL-435K)
UL Listed
Panic Hardware
988N-Grade 3
Meets ADA requirements
requirements for all
Building Codes
Meets NFPA 101
for Life Safety,
CA Title 19
California State Fire Marshall –
5 3/4” 12 7/8” 3 3/4”
24 1/8”
Front View Side View
10 3/8”