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GF3000 Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks


GF3000 Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks G27

Schlage Locknetics provides the most complete selection of electromagnetic locks in the industry. The GF3000Series Shear Lock features a patented design offeringadvances over any Shear Lock on the market. Unique mounting features provide a “floating” action of both the lock assembly and the armature. This design allows the magnet assembly to move towards the armature during the locking process. In this manner, the GF3000 is able to overcome gaps of up to 1/4 inch without current inrush. Once engaged, the Shear Lock provides 3000 pounds holding force, without high operating temperatures normally associated with other Shear Locks. A microprocessor-based control module provides advanced electronic features. This circuitry automatically senses and adjusts input voltage, allowing for operation from 12 to 24 volt DC power sources. The mortise Shear Lock offers the advantage of a totally concealed locking mechanism, providing superior security and appearance. The patented design incorporates locking “tabs” on the magnet assembly with mating grooves in the armature plate. While the strength afforded by this design is a major advantage, the flexible mounting features are as important. This design allows for normal door and frame movement.

The Shear Lock is ideally suited for commercial grade quality hollow metal doors and frames as well as herculite doors with top rail. Advances in design provide low operating temperatures, making this Shear Lock suitable for use in the growing demand for concealed locks in wood frames. The GF3000 TRD Model is available when armature adjustment is required from the edge of the door due to flush ceiling conditions. The GF3000BRD model is available when no top rail mounting is available. All models offer built-in automatic relock features ensuring full door closure before lock engagement. Relock time delay is easily adjusted from 1 to 30 seconds from the face of the installed lock. Optional features include Magnetic Bond Sensor (MBS) to monitor the secure/not secure condition of the lock and an optional Door Status Monitor (DSM) to sense the open/closed position of the door. The GF3000 Series of Shear Locks are UL 10C, CUL, CSFM and MEA listed for use on fire labeled openings. The locks are engineered to meet ANSI/BHMA A156.23 standard for electromagnetic locks.

Benefits of Using GF3000 Mortise Mounted Series Shear Locks

• Automatic voltage selection 12/24 VDC (Filtered)

• Innovative gravity force design provides for movement of both lock and armature to overcome gaps of up to 1/4”

• 3000 lbs. of holding force

• Requires filtered, regulated power supply

• Built-in Automatic Relock Switch

• Adjustable time delay on relock, 0-30 seconds

• Low temperature operation

• Microprocessor controlled

• Optional Magnetic Bond Sensor (MBS)

• Optional Door Status Monitor (DSM)