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Keri Access Control Software

Lock Smith

Keri Access Control Software

Doors for use with Windows is a software program that configures and manages an access control system utilizing Keri’s

PXL-250 and PXL-500 Tiger Controller family. Doors makes use of all popular Windows features such as resizing and relocation of windows, drag and drop functions, multiple windows open simultaneously, and “real time” operation.

The software provides the operator an extremely user friendly interface that defines system parameters, manages card and transaction files, sets timing functions, and prepares reports. Doors operates under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, or XP and is capable of managing a single site via direct connect or modem as well as virtually an unlimited number of remote sites via modem or TCP/IP (ethernet). Video Badging is available as an option.

Keri has designed some great features into Doors that make it extremely easy and flexible to learn and use.