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LCN Door closer:LCN 4010,LCN 4020,LCN 4110,LCN 4010T,LCN 4020T,LCN 4110T SERIES CLOSERS

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4010/4020/4110/4010T/4020T/4110T SERIES CLOSERS
4110 EDA Shown
LCN’s best performing heavy-duty closer is designed specifically
for institutional and other rugged high traffic applications.
Features & Benefits
■ Exceeded 10 million cycles in independent testing
■ Cast iron cylinder offers proven durability
■ Forged steel main arm
■ Double heat-treated steel pinion
■ Handed for either right or left swinging door
■ FAST™ power adjust allows accurate on-site spring power adjustment
to meet the condition of the opening (4010/4020/4110 only)
■ Fast and accurate installation (4010/4020/4110 only)
■ Extra Duty Arm (EDA) is standard on 4110
■ UL/cUL listed for self-closing, fire-rated doors without hold open
■ Sized cylinders for interior doors to 5´0˝ (1524mm) and exterior doors
to 4´0˝ (1219mm)
■ Non-sized cylinder adjustable for interior doors to 4´6˝ (1372mm) and
exterior doors to 3´6˝(1067mm)
■ Closers to mount hinge side, top jamb or parallel arm
■ Corner brackets available (4010 only) – requires opposite hand closer
■ Size one cylinder meets ADA requirements on 3´0˝ (914mm)
interior door
■ Seven standard powder coat finishes available
■ Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.4, grade one
■ All-weather fluid eliminates seasonal adjustments
Available Options
■ Delay Action provides additional adjustable closing time
(4010/4020/4110 only)
■ Advanced Variable Backcheck allows earlier backcheck control on
potentially abusive installations (available on 4110 series only)
■ Metal cover available
■ Special Rust Inhibitor provides additional protection to an already
durable powder coat finish
■ Custom colors allow the closer to closely match unique door
and frame finishes
■ Plated finishes are also available