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LeeDan. Techtone OR603 and OR603W Outdoor Remote Stations

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LeeDan, Techtone OR603 and OR603W Outdoor Remote Stations provide for call capability and two-way, hands free communication to inside master stations for a variety of Alpha Communications® intercom systems. Used typically as an outside door station, the OR603/ OR603W are rugged, dependable units designed to provide natural, clear voice communication, simple push button operation, and hands free reply. The stations are ideal for outdoor use, in office, home, plant, warehouse, retail business, and similar applications. The OR603/OR603W are designed to be a 3-wire type remote stations, and can be modified to work as a 2-wire remote (with the addition of a model EC105 non-polarized capacitor), or as a 4-wire remote station (with a field modification). Operation of the stations is simple and efficient. The caller, by pressing the call button, causes an audible signal at the master stations location. The identity of the caller may then be determined and entry to the home or building permitted, if so desired, and if system in use permits. FEATURES • Simple, push button operation • Momentary call button/switch • Hands-free reply • Clear voice quality SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: Height: 5.25″ (134mm) Width: 4.00″ (102mm) Depth: 1.25″ (32mm) Construction: Attractive, flame retardant type ABS plastic faceplate Colors: OR603W (White) OR603 (Woodgrain/Walnut) Push Button: Individually replaceable, momentary type with self-wiping contacts Mounting: Mounts directly onto the finished wall surface or over a single gang electrical “gem” box.