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Segal dead bolt apartment lock

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Auxiliary surface mount locks like the Segal


provide vise like strength that interlocks any door to its frame, virtually eliminating the risk of a thief “jimmying” a door from the frame. The concept of a surface mounted lock was invented in 1912 by a New York City Police officer, Samuel Segal, and continues as one of the best ways to physically secure a door. These locks are often used to preserve the classic appearance of historic homes. Perfect for wood or steel doors, surface mount locks are also commonly used on apartment doors where drilling a large hole for a standard tubular deadbolt is impractical. The Segal Interlocking deadbolt features the “shutterguard” protection from intrusion if the outside rim cylinder is forcibly removed. Additionally, the BodyGuard SteelGuard provides additional strength and offers further protection against chiseling, pulling, hammering, and drilling attacks