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Siedle (BTS 750-0) Standard Bus Telephone

New York City Locksmith

Siedle (BTS 750-0) Standard Bus Telephone

Standard bus telephone for door telephony using the Siedle 2-wire

deluxe bus system with bus telephones BTS/BTC 750-… and bus

door loudspeakers BTLM 650-…/BTLE 050-…, made of high

grade antistatic plastic. Telephone receiver with electret

microphone, loudspeaker, plug-in no-tangle cord. Integrated light

and door release key. The BTS 750-… can be called internally

within a line and calls held, but is not able to call itself. Internal

calls are only possible on the same line.

Performance Features:

-Magnetic switching contact with long service life.

-Hearing protection, audio and video privacy circuit and call

silencing integrated.

-Electronic call generator with call differentiation for storey calls, 2

door calls and internal calls in conjunction with BTC 750-…

-Call volume steplessly adjustable up to max. 84dB(A)

-Door release/light activation at any time via the bus line.

-Door/video signal injection possible at any time, also without

preceding door call.

-A monitor can be connected in-row.

-Facility for conversion to a tabletop or flush-mounted unit using

the necessary accessories.