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Siedle BVI 750-0 2-Wire BUS System Economy Station

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Siedle BVI 750-0 2-Wire BUS System Economy Station

The bus video internal station is a combination of the Bus

System in-house telephone, a video bus receiver and a black

and white monitor with 4” screen diagonal in the form of a

wall surface mounted unit.

Only for use in the Siedle 2-Wire BUS System. Equipped with:

• Door release button, ON time fixed at 3 secs.

• Light ON button

• Call silencing button with LED, lights up when call silencing

mode is active.

• Image ON button without prior call, ON time fixed at appr.

45 secs.

• Call volume variable from outside

• Brightness / contrast controller

• Reprogramming of buttons to functions such as internal call,

control functions e.g. BSE actuation possible.

• Storey call buttons may be connected

• 10 freely available different call tones can be assigned

directly on the unit.

• Power supply as standard from the 2-Wire BUS.

• 4” screen diagonal

• Max. 4 BVI 750-0 units can be switched in parallel; in this

case an external 20-30 V DC, max 350 mA power supply is


• It is not possible to control the camera from the BVI 750-…

• No video memory module retrofit capability.

• Facility for takeover of door calls can only be programmed

via the PBS.

2-Wire BUS System Economy Station

(BVI 750-0)


Ambient temperature: 5

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 10″ x 2.4″

Protection system : IP 20

oC – 40oC