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Siedle HT 740-0 Telephone for multy system

New York City Locksmith

Siedle  HT 740-0 Telephone for multy system

Universal in-house telephone for Siedle Multi, integrated

buttons for light and door release, a further 6 buttons

programmable for call, remote switching, Doormatic, call

disable, single-concierge, emergency call, alarm call and

other special functions.

• 2 LED displays, programmable for call display, reassurance

lamp in case of emergency call, callback request, activated

functions such as call disable, Doormatic, simple concierge

and other functions.

• 3 inputs for connection of storey and alarm calls, emergency

call buttons, for actuation of remote switching and signaling

functions, for interfacing the integrated LED displays.

• 2 control outputs for connection of a ZAR 740-0, and of

interfacing relay AR 85052-10, AR 85911-10 programmable

for the functions secondary signal, reassurance lamp, floating

button functions etc.

• 6 basic configurations can be selected without other

auxiliary equipment

• Individual configuration with the aid of system controller

SCO 740-0

• Direct interfacing and control of a monitor MOM/MOC 711-

… with accessory ZMO 740-0

• Supercedes in-house telephones HT 641-… to HT 643-…

Telephone (HT 740-0)


Dimensions: 5.9” x 9” x 2.6”