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Siedle HTA 711-0 Analog System Telephone

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Siedle HTA 711-0 Analog System Telephone

Analog system telephone as a substitute for system

telephones HT 611-01, HT 511-01, HT 401a-01, HT 411-02,

HT 311-0. Completely equipped and assembled in the

factory. Without accessories or conversion, usable in circuits

AS-2/53.. and 63.., with or without audio privacy function and

wire-saving systems AS-2/58 and 59-.. Standard unit is

made of high-grade antistatic plastic. Telephone receiver

with electret microphone and amplifier unit and plug-in notangle

cord and handset. Integrated floating light and door

release button. Storey call via separate loudspeaker and

audio privacy function. Conversion facility of the system

telephone to a table-top unit using the table-top accessory ZT

711-0/16. With flush-mount housing, accessory flushmount

frame ZUR 611-0.., the system telephone can be used

as a flush-mount unit.

Analog System Telephone (HTA 711-0)


Current call max.: 200mA

Call volume max.: 86dB (A)

Contact load: L, DR24V/1A

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 9″ x 2.4″

SSS Siedle