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Siedle HTC811 Deluxe Audio Intercom for 1+n (711) System

Locksmith in manhattan

Siedle HTC811 Deluxe Audio Intercom for 1+n (711) System

Deluxe system telephone for door/in-house telephony (with

GC 602-0) also in conjunction with storey door, in the new

wire-saving system with HTS/HTC 711-0, completely

equipped and assembled in the factory with integrated

audio/video privacy function. Made of high grade antistatic

plastic. Telephone receiver with electret microphone,

receiver amplifier capsule, no-tangle cord as well as handset.

Integrated light and door release button. Performance

features as HTS 711-0 with additionally: Internal speech

operation with max. 6 system telephones via GC 602-0.

Three-tone chime (with terminal G). Call volume accessible

for adjustment from outside of the telephone. Integrated

inscription field. 2 LED’s for display (ex. door ajar ),

additional wiring required. 6 Permanently integrated buttons

to be used as call or control buttons to trigger a

witching/remote controller without additional installation (2

buttons can be used as floating buttons). Electronic call

generator. Storey door loudspeaker connection capability via

ETC 602-0, also in case of internal calls. Facility to convert

the system telephone to a table-top unit using the table-top

accessory ZT 711-0/4 or ZT 711-0/16. With flush-mount

housing, accessory flush-mount frame ZUR 611-0.. and flushmount

end piece accessory ZUE 611-.. the system telephone

can be used as a flush-mount unit.

Deluxe System Telephone (HTC 711-0)