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Siedle HTCV811 Deluxe color video intercom for n+1 system

Locksmith in manhattan

Siedle HTCV811 Deluxe color video intercom for n+1 system

Deluxe handset with integrated TFT 3.5” color monitor for door

and internal communication (with GC 612-…), with door

loudspeakers TLM 612-…, STLM 612-…, CL V xxN / TLE 050-…,

door release and lightbutton. Functions include – calling, voice,

video, door release, light, storey call/switching and control

functions and internal. Made of high-grade antistatic plastic.

Performance features:

Additional power supply required.

Integrated video memory for 28 color pictures (file format *.tiff).•

GB utilizable space).

Upgradable with SD card up to 255 color pictures (32 MB to 2•


Internal communication with max. 6 system telephones via GC•

memory, zoom, brightness, color saturation, date/time setting…

Integrated 5-way control button for operation of the video•

3-tone chime with G connection.•

Call volume accessible from outside•

2 LEDs for display (e.g. door open), seperately wired.•

installation as call buttons or set to activate switching/control

functions in conjunction with SFC 602-…

6 integrated function keys, can be used without additional•

Integrated inscription panel for function keys.•

2 keys can be used as potential-free buttons.•

– Call tones when connecting to side circuit installation.

– Door call: 3 tonecall signal (without G connection) or chime

(with G connection)

– Storey call: 2-tone call signal to GC 612-…

– Main/side circuit door loudspeaker: 3-tone call signal

– Storey/door loudspeaker: 3-tone chime.

– Storey call: 2-tone call signal.

Call differentation for internal calls: