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Siedle HTSV811-Standard color video intercom

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 Siedle HTSV811-Standard color video intercom for n+1 system

Standard handset with a TFT 2.5” color monitor for door, with door loudspeakers TLM 612-…, STLM 612-…, CL VxxN / TLE 050-…, door release and lightbutton.Integrated door release and door release and light button. With the basic functions: calling, speech, video door release and storey call. Made of high-grade antistatic plastic. Performance features: •integrated. Hearing protection, audio and video privacy circuit •Monitor button for image connection. •2 Integrated rotary controllers for brightness and color. •communication. Parallel switching of max. 2 telephones without internal call, 3-tone call signal for door call. Electronic call generator with 2-tone call signal for storey •Infinitely variable call volume •Integrated call silencing. •Door release/light function at any time. •Plug-in spiral cable for simple installation. •Door call: 3-tone call signal / – Storey call: 2-tone call signal Call tones when connecting to side circuit installation / signal. Storey call: 2-tone call signal. to GC 612-…Front/storey door loudspeaker: 3-tone call  •accessory ZTSV 811-,,, Can be used as a table-top unit using table-top