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Siedle MOM 711-0Monochrome Monitor

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Siedle MOM 711-0Monochrome Monitor

Siedle wall mount monochrome monitor with 4” diagonal

screen. Can be converted into a table-top or flush-mount

model using the relevant accessories. Connecting elements

to the HT 711-01 and SIC 3000-01 for right-hand in-row

mounting only. With controllers for brightness, contrast and

image locking, timer, electronics prevents third party from intrusion.

Features and functions: 4 buttons for vertical and horizontal control of the camera

by +/- 20 degrees.

Monochrome Monitor (MOM 711-0)


Input signal: BAS-1 Vss at 75 ohm signal

Operating voltage: 20-30 VDC

Operating current max.: 350mA

Bias current max.: 25mA

Timer adjustable: From 0 sec. To 3 min.

Ambient temp.: 0 degrees to +30 degrees C

only for dry rooms

X-Ray shielding: Adequate shielding provided

Resolution: 500 lines (H), 270 lines (V)

Acceleration voltage: Less than 20KV

Dimensions: 7” x 9” x 2.3”

SSS Siedle