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Trilogy® DL4100 with Privacy & Residency Features

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Alarm Lock’s Trilogy 4100/4500 Features Privacy & Lock-Down
Amityville, NY – Alarm Lock Systems, Inc., has added privacy and residency features to Trilogy, the fastest growing line of electronic keyless pushbutton locks in the business. The 4100 and 4500 series in cylindrical and mortise lock styles are available in PIN or PIN/Prox models and can be used in any application large or small. 5AA battery-pak operates approximately 60,000 cycles typical. 1 3/8” mortise cylinder, ASA strike and standard door preps ensure that these locks will easily retrofit on all doors. Trilogy’s DL4100 and Prox PDL4100 come in 5 distinctly architectural finishes including US3 polished brass, 26 polished chrome, 26D satin chrome, 5 antique brass and 10B duronodic.

Similar to the PDL3000 but with the convenience of privacy and residency features, DL/PDL4100 and DL/PDL4500 are ideal for single occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms, darkrooms, hospital on-call sleeping rooms, executive offices, confidential file rooms and more. 2000 PIN or PIN/Prox user codes, 500 scheduled events, 40,000-audit trail make these locks a necessity for all those seeking the very best in security. With our latest weatherproof technology, both locks are able to withstand harsh weather conditions -31˚ to 151˚ F or (–35˚ to 66˚C). What’s more, end-users have the option to choose function models including right or left hand, classroom or deadbolt on the 4500 series mortise lock.

Trilogy’s DL4100 and PDL4100 privacy and residency options are unique features for added security. An occupied and multi-status LED indicator flashes when the privacy session is active. After entering a PIN or Prox ID, the user simply pushes the privacy button on the back of the lock (inner door). Doing so assures privacy, as the lock will not open from the front entry side, until the user exits (the door is reopened from the inside), or optionally, the privacy session “times-out” following a preset duration. A self-stick instructional sign will help guide users on how to activate and deactivate the privacy feature.

For residency applications, the residency feature can be an added benefit. This feature is programmable from the lock’s keypad. The residency feature allows users to exit their premises, closing the door behind them while the lock remains unlocked until it is physically relocked. This free-exit/passage mode is ideal for residents who may repeatedly find themselves unintentionally locked out without their Prox ID or PIN code, upon momentarily stepping out the front door to pick up their mail only to have the door accidentally lock behind them.

Ideal for classroom, restroom, and darkroom doors.  Featuring timed lock/unlock, audit trail, and the ability to use a hand-held DTM data transfer module to upload your user data and access schedules from a desktop computer.  The DL4100 is a proven access control solution that you manage by fingertip at the lock’s keypad, or by using your laptop or desktop PC with the software that is included. (computer connecting cables required and sold separately at checkout – software CD included with purchase of cables, or can be downloaded from Alarm Lock website)  The software features a simple to follow user interface giving you total control.  You can even review who entered and when.  Need to establish access privileges?  Done.  Simply use the built-in multi-level programming functions to create your group or individual user codes, master and management codes, passage codes, and emergency or service codes.  Vandal-resistant and perfect for securing college and school classroom doors, single-occupancy restrooms, dressing rooms, darkrooms, hospital on-call/sleeping rooms, executive offices, confidential filing rooms, and more!


  • Heavy Duty, BHMA Grade 1 lock with UL 3 hr. fire rated cylindrical latch
  • Privacy feature engaged by pushing button on interior lock body – assures lock cannot be opened from front-entry side.  During any privacy-session, the red LED on the outer, keypad-side of the door will flash to indicate that the room is occupied.  Privacy duration can be programmed to “time-out” after preset duration.
  • Programmable Residency feature to prevent accidental lockouts
  • Iconic bilingual Privacy and Residency Instructional Signs supplied with lock For use on inside door to give operational use, in English and Spanish language.
  • Rugged clutch mechanism insures long life & durability
  • 500 timed schedule capacity, including 4 “quick schedules” for programming the 4 most common time schedules in one step
  • 2000 User Codes including: Master, Manager, Supervisor and Basic Users. Also one-time entry code
  • WeatherPROOF performance
  • Times entry allowance from 5-15 seconds
  • Greater security with “Temporary Keypad Lockout” after 3 unsuccessful code-entry attempts
  • Audit Trail with Time/Date Stamp for a printable record of all electronic activity
  • Real Time Clock Allows logging of events to within 1 second of accuracy
  • Relay may be programmed to energize when one or more selected events occur
  • 4 Time-Out functions allow a user to enable other users or unlock the lock for some time period without needing to return to the lock
  • 1600 Audit trail history per timed event schedule
  • Latchbolt is UL listed, 3 hour fire rated
  • Easy to install.  Retrofits most cylindrical locksets and digital locks
  • Available in standard key override and inter-changeable core models accepting 6 or 7 pin cores from Arrow, Best, Falcon, or KSP. Other IC core preps available


  • Dimensions:  Outside housing:  8″ H x 3 1/4″ W x 1 7/8″ D.  Inside housing:  8 1/4″ H x 3 1/4″ W x 1 11/16″ D
  • Door thickness:  Fits 1 5/8″ ~ 1 7/8″ (other thicknesses, please call 1-937-890-2333)
  • Backset:  2 3/4″ included (2 3/8″ available at checkout)
  • Battery operation:  5 AA’s; appx. 100,000 cycles; low battery alerts; lock may be hard-wired with 9VDC or 9VAC power supply for remote release / battery backup (9V’s sold separately)
  • Handing:  Non-handed
  • Audit trail capacity:  40,000 records
  • Operational temperature range:  +151°F ~ -31°F
  • Keypad:  All metal, 12 button.  All functions programmable through keypad/software
  • Warranty:  2 year manufacturer’s