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Trilogy Networx™ DL6100 by Alarm Lock – Wireless Networking Lock

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Trilogy Networx™ DL6100 by Alarm Lock – Wireless Networking Lock

Trilogy Networx, introduces advanced, performance driven technology in a stand-alone, economical keyless entry system to help you eradicate the security hazard posed by door keys.  With a few clicks, you can now manage your site’s doors and users centrally from one computer.  Physically maneuvering from door to door to delete an employee’s credential, lockout all users, and pull an audit trail is eliminated – you can do it in near real-time (under 10 seconds) at your PC.  Trilogy Networx locks communicate wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G.  This provides you a comprehensive online access control system without the need for panels, wiring out to doors, or channeling wire through doors to electrify the opening.  Beyond the evident time saving features of having mainstream access control functionality through a few strokes on your keyboard, there are never before things you can do with Networx.  In the event of a security breach, or environmental emergency, this access control system lets you do a network wide lockdown/unlock command so you can track and control who gets access and where.  Life-saving technology such as this can mean the difference between a total disaster or an averted one.

Hospitals, Institutions, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Airports, Retail, Offices, Pharmacies, and more!

  • Heavy-duty ANSI Grade 1 wireless door lock
  • Cylindrical deadlatch locking mechanism
  • Supports up to 5000 users via 3-6 digit PINs
  • Execute new network-wide capabilities including emergency priority global lockdown or unlock from any Networx lock, or the network’s PC
  • Unsurpassed 5-year+ battery life; no supplementary power supplies needed
  • Wireless programming requires DL-Windows software (Download FREE at Alarmlock.com website) and AL-IME gateway (sold separately)
  • Manage up to 63 locks per AL-IME gateway, and 2000 locks system wide using 32 ceiling, or wall-mountable gateways
  • On demand user, and user group scheduling (500 timed schedule capacity)
  • On demand audit trail reporting with time/date stamp (Prior 35,000 events)
  • Offline programming may be done at the DL6100’s 12-button keypad
  • T2, and T3 Trilogy customers who maintain user and door information can continue to use their existing DL-Windows database to seamlessly manage Networx.  Add one new Networx lock, or 2000 to existing system
  • Uninterrupted Door Access Usage:  Lock retains all programming and data even in the event of power outage or server offline occurrence
  • Bi-directional communication using highest level of commercially available encryption (128-bit AES PC)
  • Remote System Management:  Accomplished with VPN/remote capability
  • Weatherproof for installation in harsh settings
  • Key Override:  Includes standard 6-Pin cylinder with Schlage SC1 keyway.  You may also use other Schlage cylinders, or Corbin-Russwin CL, Sargent 480, ASSA 65-611, & Lori cylinders
  • Satin chrome BHMA US26D finish
  • Handing:  Field reversible