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Yale® 50 Series Door Closers are designed to fit almost any application. They are ideal for use with aluminum

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Yale® 50 Series door Closers are designed to fit almost any application and are
the choice of engineers worldwide. They are ideal for use with aluminum
store front doors and frames, yet they also complement wood or metal door
installations. Non-handed, the 50 series is available as sized or multi-sized
units and offers tri-packed packaging on standard non-hold open and hold
open closers.
This UL listed, Grade 1 closer has a proven history of quality and tradition.
With a variety of plates, brackets, precise valve adjustment and a complete
range of arms, these closers can be used on retail stores, warehouses,
restaurants, garages, or manufacturing and utility buildings the engineer’s choice
• Non-handed
• Tri-packed (regular arm, top
jamb and parallel arm
• Rack-and-pinion design
• Cast aluminum body
• 1-3/8″ (35mm) diameter piston
• 5/8″ (16mm) diameter pinion
• Standard, separate and
independent, latch, sweep and
backcheck intensity valves
• 2-7/8″ (73mm) projection
• All standard arm applications
allow doors to swing 180°,
conditions permitting
• 10-year limited warranty
• Staked valves
50BC 51 51BF
Sized springs 2,3,4,5,6 with no power
Adjustable spring sizes 3 through 6 X
Adjustable spring sizes 1 through 4
(ADA compliant)
Delayed action option with pressure
relief valve (in lieu of backcheck)
standard features
Description Specify (BHMA) Designation Complements the following finishes Old Designation
Aluminum 689 628, 625, 629, 630, 651, 652 SB
Statuary Bronze 690 640, 613 STAT
Dull Bronze 691 612, 637, 639 BL
Black 693 315 315
Medium Amber 694 312 312
Gold 696 605, 606, 632, 633 GB
Prime Coat 600* — SRI