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Elvox entrance panels

The entrance panels for the Two-Wire, DigiBus, Sound System and A.C. call systems. The entrance panels are supplied with a front plate and frame, to be completed with flush or surface mounted boxes, rainproof frames, push-buttons, LED s for illuminating name tags, speech unit, video camera or electronic unit. The entrance panels for Two-Wire, DigiBus, Sound System and A.C. call systems are similar in appearance, the differences being determined by the components used. The entrance panels for Sound System or A.C. call systems require the addition of a speech unit or video camera, call buttons, LED s for illuminating the push-buttons and flush or surface wall-mounted boxes. The entrance panels for Two-Wire or DigiBus systems require the audio or video electronic unit, possibly additional push button modules and the flush or surface wall-mounted boxes. All of these entrance panels can be expanded with additional push-button panels or name tag panels by joining a number of flush-mounted boxes or by using the surface wall-mounted boxes with rainproof frames. The entrance panels are also available with a gold effect treatment