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Schlage AD-Series electronic locks

AD-Series electronic locks from Schlage are built from the ground up to provide more options, more functionality and more compatibility than any other solution on the market today.

Schlage has simplified system installation by integrating components that are usually found around the door into the AD-Series electronic lock. Now the electrified lock, reader, door position switch and request-to-exit sensors are all in one device. And using the AD-Series as part of a networked access control system, you’re able to manage users and access rights, see a history of usage, initiate a facility lockdown, and monitor the status of the door, lock/unlock status, communications and battery life – resulting in improved security and productivity. And, in the future, as new types of credentials or networking communications emerge, they can be incorporated into your current solution. The AD-Series, with its innovative modular design, can adapt to new technologies and allows you to upgrade your original chassis without even taking it off the door. The AD-Series was designed to be the right choice for today, and ready for whatever the future holds. The AD-Series features a variety of options including card readers, network configurations, locking functions, lever styles and finishes. It also offers a wide selection of features that can be configured in the field to customize your openings. The AD-Series is built on an open architecture platform that means that it can be easily integrated into virtually any access control system. And its flexible panel interface options such as RS485, Wiegand and Clock & Data ensure seamless communication with your system