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Schlage dead bolt locks

Deadbolt Locks on the entry doors to provide maximum security. High quality units have a stainless steel bolt to resist tampering. Schlage lock s can offer many types of locks and locking solutions. we can offer you Deadbolt Locks that satisfy your security task and needs whether you are residential, commercial, or industrial user.

Grade 1 Heavy Duty Plus Primus High Security Cylinders

The B700 and B800-Series combine all the features of the B600-Series commercial deadbolt with Schlage’s high security Primus cylinders. In addition to strength and durability, the B700-Series, furnished with Primus 20-700 Controlled Access cylinders, offers key control and pick resistance. The B800-Series, furnished with Primus 20-500 high security cylinders, combines all these features plus drill resistance.

Grade 2 Standard Duty

The BC100-Series deadbolt, adjustable for 2 3/8″(60 mm) or 2 3/4″ (70 mm) backsets, features a 1″ (25 mm) reinforced trim ring rotates to protect against wrenching the cylinder. Solid brass 6-pin cylinder for added protection and durability. Solid steel doorframe reinforcer with 3″ screws protects against kick-in attack.

Grade 2 Standard Duty – New B500-Series Deadbolt!

The B500-Series deadbolt offers a 10% larger deadbolt diameter, a new adjustable lock-in-place backset for 2 3/8″(60 mm) or 2 3/4″ (70 mm) door preps, and an integrated anti-pry shield to prevent picking. The 1″ (25 mm) reinforced trim ring and tapered housing rotate to protect against wrenching the cylinder. The solid brass 6-pin cylinder offers added protection and durability. A metal dust box reinforcer with three 3″ screws provides deeper anchoring to protect against kick-in attacks.