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Norton 1600 Series Door Closers,Norton 1604 Door Closers

Norton 1600 Series Door Closers: The Norton 1600 Series Door Closers are made of cast aluminum that can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The Norton 1600 Series Closers are surface mounted and project no more than 2-7/8” from the surface of the door. All closers are Non-Handed and come with Tri-Style packaging that can accommodate either Regular Arm, Top Jamb or Parallel Arm Mounting. Choose Function: 1601 (Adjustable Sizes 3-6); 1601BF (Adjustable Sizes 1-4); 1601H (Adjustable Sizes 3-6, Hold Open Feature); 1603BC (Non-Adjustable Size 3 Only); 1603BC-H (Non-Adjustable Size 3, Hold Open); 1604BC (Non-Adjustable Size 4 Only); 1604BC-H (Size 4 Only, Hold Open). Choose Finish: Aluminum (AL) or Dark Bronze (690).

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